Lere Olayinka And Governor Fayemi Pose For A Selfie

Lere Olayinka ,media aide to former governor Fayose was spotted with Governor Fayemi this morning at the Akure airport. In fact, he was on the same flight from Abuja with the Governor. Lere even took a selfie with the Governor.

Now, that’s a civil,decent and accomodating leader.Lere said….

‘Imagine yourself in the same flight with two Next Lefu Govs…

Na so the thing take happen to me today on my way to Akure from Abuja.

Just like that, myself, Fayemi, his wife that is called Erelu Bam Bam, Aketi, Senator Adetumbi and retinue of Fayemi’s Aides in the same flight!

It was Erelu Bam Bam that saw me and said; “Are we sure we are safe in this flight?”

I responded: “Eyin le nse Next Lefu to nowhere (You people are the ones doing Next Level to nowhere). Me I’m going to Ekiti and I’m safe.”

On getting to Akure, I was waiting for my luggage when Fayemi and his wife came and I greeted them.

Then Erelu fired the first shot again; “Lere you better come and join us, we will accommodate you.”

Today was the second time she will say that. The first time was when she came to the government house for inspection few days to the handing over of power by Osokomole Ekun Oke.

Before I could respond; Fayemi said; “You don’t know Lere, he started this journey with us then. ‘Owo mi yi lo bi omo e si’ (I was aware when he had his child then).

Fayemi and his wife left to join their NEXT LEFU to nowhere while I waited for my luggage.

These pictures represent what happened and like I told Fayemi’s wife then, I’m in PDP, I’m with Osokomole, Ayodele Omo Fayose, I can’t work with APC.

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