Top Cute Small Dogs to have around your Kids

Top 6 Cute Small “Dogs” to have around your Kids

Small dogs are the cutest type of pet you can have in your home and especially around your kids. They are considered those whose weight is below 10 kg. They are classified into Mini or Toy breeds (between 2 and 5 kg) and small breeds (from 5 to 10 kg). They are more long-lived than larger ones and you should also take into account the specific needs of the chosen breed, since each dog is different.

Here are some small dog breeds which you can have as family pets.

1. Beagle
This small shortlegged and smooth-coated game dog is very resistant. Their long ears require special care. Sociable and affectionate, although of low intelligence, it is usually a very loyal companion. It is very territorial but not aggressive. Its instinct leads it to sniff everything. You should have it tied following acquisition because it can run without warning after a trace. The Beagle loves children and the outdoors. It is a very affectionate dog.

2. Bichón Frisé
Of average intelligence, the Bichón Frisé is a dog of toy size. It is a robust and very healthy dog. With a weight of about 5 kg, it is agile and cheerful. Like the other Bichons, it is not a nervous or very barking do. It socializes easily. They like to play with children, and they are the best breeds for the family. You will need to take good care of their eyes, teeth, and hair.

3. French Bulldog
It is a very robust and compact dog, of great intelligence, which makes it an easy dog to train. It is very noisy, but not because of its barking, but because of its snoring, due to its snub nose and small nostrils. This little one is docile, playful and very active. It can never tire of playing outside. You can find it as another of the best dogs for children. Note that they often suffer from respiratory and cardiac problems.

4. Corgi
The Corgi was used to drive cattle on Welsh lands. Its face resembles that of a fox and it is a very affectionate and intelligent dog. He loves pampering and does not bark much. The dog tends to be aggressive with strangers and requires stimulating its mental activity and exercising. It is excellent as an assistance dog for the elderly or disabled.

5. Chihuahua
The chihuahua is considered the smallest dog in the world. Its weight ranges between 1.5 and 3 kg. It is a very faithful dog for the family. It is not afraid of anything and will launch himself to defend you without hesitation, which can cause problems due to its size. This dog breed is very intelligent and always alert.

6. Fox Terrier
As a good Terrier, it loves to go out chasing small rodents. This small dog does not weigh more than 3 kg. It is a cheerful dog which is very playful, intelligent, and easy to train. He gets along very well with the children, as long as they do not treat him like a toy.

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