The paradigm of selling has evolved and it is necessary to adapt to the changes that the market proposes almost daily. Unlike in recent times, the old techniques we use to attract customers do not give the expected results.

1. It is necessary to listen and learn to recognize the needs of your potential client.

2. The sales manager must know how to recognize the problems that the client present and turn their solutions into           business opportunities.

3. Know in detail the product or service you intend to sell. This help you have more profound knowledge about the product. Therefore, you can answer any type of questions.

4. Your weapon of capturing the potential client is not just the data and arguments. In order to give strength to words, one must include the appearance, the gestures, the expression and, of course, attitude.

5. If you want to be a good seller, there are two things you can never do: doubt and run out of words. If you would like to be a guide to the client as far as the product is concerned, you should always have answers to his or her questions.

6. Never blame others when we make a mistake. When things go wrong, knowing how to ask for an apology is the best option.

7. By knowing the business policy you want to follow, the sales strategy is more accurate.

8. At the time of sale, proactivity and the ability to generate value count. Your offer will be differentiated to the extent that it is presented to the client with arguments that differ from the rest.

9. Not only do you have to think about selling exclusively: you also have to aim to get customers for your company.

10. If you take good care of the customers, you have a very high chance of them returning to buy another product or service that you offer them.

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