As a citizen or an immigrant of Nigeria, looking for a city to settle down in for the major part of your life can be quite stressful which might also make you indecisive because there are a lot of amazing cities in Nigeria to migrate to such as Ibadan, Uyo, Port- Harcourt, Abuja and Lagos among others but out of all these cities I believe Lagos is the best city to migrate to. Lagos is the most famous city in Nigeria as it’s known for her exclusivity with its amazing tourist centers, entertainment industries, Commercial activities, Businesses, Employment opportunities and so on.
Although living in Lagos can be very stressful for you if you are not strong willed and fit health wise especially if you are a new immigrant that is just starting to get used to the hustle and the busy atmosphere around. There are a lot of reasons why I believe Lagos is the best city to move to in Nigeria especially if you are a young adult trying to get your life together:


1. The Center of Commericial activities

There is a popular saying in Lagos which goes thus “we all came in search for money”, Almost everyone you see in Lagos is there for business and to make money. Lagos is the center for commercial activities in Nigeria. It is the Major economic nerve center of Nigeria, with her economic success as the 7th largest successful city in Africa, Lagos had the highest internally generated revenue of $1.3billion in 2015, this is a great achievement because Lagos is the smallest state in Nigeria. Lagos is the best place to move to because the motivation needed to work hard is present, the people in Lagos know when to have fun and when to work, they set out boundaries and avoid distractions. In Lagos, there are a lot of new businesses to venture into that would yield profits, it is also very easy to get serious minded people to work with in Lagos as it is a general thing for residents of Lagos, majority of them are very open to business ideas. There are a lot of successful companies in Lagos ranging from Oil companies to agricultural companies, Banks, Insurance companies, Engineering firms etc, always set their branches in Lagos as they know that it is one of the most developed Cities in Nigeria if not the best.

2. A concrete Stand in Labor market

Lagos has gained a concrete stand in the labor market as it is a place of employment opportunities, A lot multi national companies and firms set their branches in Lagos as they know that it is one of the most developed Cities in Nigeria if not the best. it is rare to see a market or a business idea developed in Lagos not to yield profit in its own little way, there is always people who are interested in what you have to offer. Lagos is extremely buoyant economically and that is why people get surprised at times when they hear about how some people make their money through engaging themselves in little things.

3. Recreations

Lagos is called the city of Enjoyment for a reason, there are a lot of recreational places in Lagos that helps to ease the stress of work. Lagosians as people who live in Lagos are called know how to work hard and also party hard. There are a lot of hangout spots in Lagos to chill at and more are being established as each day goes by. Talk about Spas, Beaches, Chic and classic restaurants, five star hotels, Open Bars, karaoke Centers, Game Centers, Malls, Night clubs and so on that cant be mentioned. There is no weekend in Lagos that there won’t be huge parties to attend, Lagosians tend to party a lot every weekend, this also helps to ease out tensions from work and forget their worries, these parties are where you see different styles of Asoebi and Gele, people from different places, dressed to impress and looking their best all coming for one purpose which is to celebrate and have massive fun before another week starts. There are a lot of Entertainment shows organized in Lagos for people to come together and have fun, tickets are sold which is also another way of making money.

4. Accessibility to other countries

The Muritala Muhammad’s Airport which is the major Nigerian International airport is located in Lagos. Most people traveling out of the country for one thing or the other go through the airport in Lagos. It is where the flight to abroad is located therefore it is easy for Lagosians to travel in the shortest time possible as long as they have the required documents

5. Transportation

There are BRT buses, Local buses, Bikes to convert everyone to their destination in Lagos. There are traffic lights to help you drive safely and there are also sign boards to direct you to places you get confused about. Private transports like Uber, Taxify( Bolt), Gokada that gives you the comfort and luxury you need till you get to your destination are very available and also affordable in Lagos.

6. The Entertainment industry:

If you want to go into the entertainment world, Lagos is for you because Nollywood, which is the second biggest movie industry in the world has most of its stars living in Lagos. It is easy to see Nollywood stars in Cinemas and other entertaining places in Lagos and take pictures with them, through that you could also get connected with them one way or the other. Majority of the artistes we have in Nigeria are also based in Lagos. It is where most of their musical concerts are held, it is believed that it is easier to get a sold out show in Lagos than other cities in Nigeria. The most successful Comedians in Nigeria also live in Lagos, those that don’t live in Lagos have houses in Lagos that they visit often. Their Comedy shows are also majorly held in lagos. Network companies like Mtn, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat and others also have their head branch in Lagos where they sign artists for advertisements and to be one of their Brand ambassadors for the year. Everything in Lagos is connected to each other, there is a Network that connects one job to the other.
In conclusion, Lagos is such an amazing city to live in, it contains all that you have passion for. It gives you the exposure you need, the people give you the drive and the passion you need in achieving your goals, they also give you the pleasurable part you need to ease the stress you face daily. I wish you the very best of luck in your decision to move into Lagos.

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