Blogging as a job is one which takes a lot of your time but the good thing is whether it’s something you do for fun or you do as a profession, you can make money through it. However, it is in stages because making money from blogging is not something that just happens, it takes time and consistency. You start getting the value of the work you put into it in terms of money as time goes on. This happens when you’ve created great traffic on your page by being consistent in posting things that’ll keep your readers interested and hooked and people tend to go to your page a lot to check out updates, this helps in creating traffic, the more people visit your page the more you get deals that fetches you money from blogging. There are a lot of ways you can make money from blogging but few of the most common ways in which bloggers make money from their site is through;

1. Advertisements

Most blog sites post advertisements of other people’s businesses on their page, they help in promoting other businesses on their page. Some bloggers charge by each advertisement post they put on their page for the person’s business while some charge per click, according to the amount of viewers or readers I.e you pay them #20,000 per 1,000 views or reads, Imagine getting 10,000 views or reads, that is #100,000 for you on one post. This can’t be done if there is no great traffic on your page which brings in the aspect where people have to keep visiting your page to check updates.

2. Selling your brand and creating good content

This is by building your brand, letting people know you as a blogger and posting great contents. It is not a day’s job, it’s something you have to keep doing. You cannot just open a blog site and leave it there without trying to build it, it can’t fetch you money. You need to make improvements from time to time, building your credibility. This pays you as time goes on I.e people knowing you as a famous blogger and then paying you to come for conferences that relates to I-Net to give speech and teach on things relating to your line of work. It also boosts your readers trust in you, they believe you are legal and they can trust you on delivering great content for their brands when paid to promote.

3. Making your contents a marketing tool

This is when you post pictures of goods available for sale on your blog site, this is a direct way of making money because anyone interested in getting the goods posted will send you a direct message and then make payments to you, you deliver the goods and get your profit. There is a endless list of goods you can sell on your blog, E-books, electrical appliances and so much more.

4. Not being limited

As a blogger you need to make sure you indulge in experimenting, exploring new ideas and opportunities. learning and reading on new ways of making money through blogging. Blogging is not a quick money scheme. It’s something you keep doing and over time you start making profit from it which keeps increasing as each day goes by but this profit can become stagnant if you refuse to generate more ideas on making money and keeping the traffic on your blog.
It requires continuous work and upload of content. It takes time to build a credible and popular blog but the more consistent you are , the faster the growth and credibility of the blog and the more returns you get. Traffic also increases and more and more people from all over the world get attracted to your blog and attached.
Consistency and determination is key to building a successful blog.

Good luck.

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