The federal republic of Nigeria have various tourist attraction that has drawn a large number of guest to the nation. Nigeria has became a land scape of heritage and wealth. Theses wealth and heritages has been preserved for years and has drawn a lot of expatiate from different countries. Tourism in Nigeria is a show off of our cultural heritage and natural endowment. The heritage are always significant in the history of Nigeria. Some tourist attraction in Nigeria includes,

the rock is located in Ogun state. Dating back to history, this rock has been in existence for a long time. The olomo rock is referred to as the fortress of abeokuka. History has it that olomo rock served as a shield for the people in the time of distress. It is a high elevated mountain that has a tunnel and more. If you have been to abeokuta and have not tried theses location, then you have missing.

A top choice for tourism. The ranch is Nigeria biggest attraction. It has drawn the world to it beauty. The ranch which has now been named Obudu mountain resort is located close to the camerooon boarders and the cross river state(peoples paradise). The resort has enough space to accommodate visitors from all parts of the world. There are reserved suits for interested people, VIP and more. There is no better satisfaction than doing the things you love. Having I thrill time at Obudu cattle ranch can spice the fun too.

without taking your mind too far, the new afrikan shrine is what we all know as the fela shrine. The shine is another top notch resort in Nigeria. The shrine is characterized by different genre of songs. The new afrika shrine is located at ikeja, Lagos and has drawn the attention of a lot of people from all face of the world. The shrine is popularly know for organising a festival called felaburation. The festival drawn various performances and different genre of songs.

the beach is located in Lagos, Nigeria. Beach outing is a reflective and quiet way to spend your day. The resort has drawn audience in recent and in time past. The beach has no restriction as to when to visit because it is a spot for privacy and in this respect, it is not as crowded as other beaches in Lagos. Its a good way to escape from physical and mind stress. There a good camps, that will be useful to sit and reminisce if you choose to.

the grove is located in osun state. It is Nigeria´s top resort centres in the rank. This resort is osun state´s preserved heritage. The grove is regarded as the home of Osun who is the goddess of fertility. The groove Is occupying a land scape of 75 hectares and has in it over 400 plants. These 400 different plants have been proven to be good for medicine.
Finally, there are many other tourist attractions in Nigeria that were not mentioned here. It is no longer news that Nigeria is properly holding strong the popular name it is called ´GIANTS OF AFRICA´. Without being told, the lands, resources, history, and heritages are testimonies to prove.

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