Malaysia is another leading hub for studying. The country is referred to as the richest country located in the South eastern Asia. The country has 13 states and a federal territory. The country shares borders with countries like Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia. Malaysia shares connection with Singapore. The country has two region; east and west. The country is blessed with good different culture, heritages and more.

Studying in Malaysia has a good benefit. If you are an aspirant searching for where to study, think no more as Malaysia is a good choice for you. Malaysia is a good place for both international and local student to study. There are so many institution in Malaysia. Some UK and Australia institution is also established in the country which means you can also get your UK desired degree from Malaysia.
Malaysia is a leading hub in education and every institution in the country provides world class education to student. The government of the country is deeply involved in the funding and promotion of the institutions.

There are several institutions in Malaysia international students can choose. Malaysia has different colleges, universities, and polytechnics. It’s a home for many international campuses. They offer the best of education within the south east region. Here is a list of some top universities in Malaysia you can apply to.

This university is one of Malaysia leading institution. It is located in Bangui, Selangor in Malaysia very close to Kuala Lumpur. The university is well known in programmes related to education and politics, engineering, law and other courses like mathematics.

This is one of Malaysia ranking institution. The university has a good record when it comes to environmental studies programme. It ranked joint 28 in the world. There are other institutions in Malaysia.

The university of Petra is a good university in Malaysia to study. It is a good choice for applicants that is keen about studying internationally. The university is ranked 270 in the world ranking and one of the indigenous universities in Malaysia. The institution is know to provide world class education.

This is another known universities in Malaysia. It is ranked 288 in the world ranking. The institution is popular for awarding degrees for courses like engineering, humanity courses, and social science.

The university is ranking all over the world. It is the number best university in Malaysia. It is situated in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. They are ranked the world top 100 with courses like computer science, education and engineering

The university takes number 601-650 in the world ranking. It is Malaysia top university. The major concentration in this institution is the studies of Islamic and theology. For all aspirant who wants to learn more about Islamism and religion, Malaysia is a wise choice.

These international institutions share a building in Johor, Malaysia. The educability in Iskandar is built to carry out all the operational activity of foreign institutions that has connection with Malaysia. The building is to serve for 8 different foreign institutions. However, not all the institution has started operation yet until 2019.

there are steps and requirements to put in order to apply to study in malaysia. For applicants all over the world, interested in studying abroad, either for your under graduate or post graduate degree, follow the steps below carefully;
• choose your institution\ courses.
• Fill the e-application form on the school´s portal\website. Before filling out this form, make sure all the requirements are met.
• Personal information.
• Educational background certificates
• A recent passport photograph
• Copies of international passport
• Copies of TOEFL results
• Academic transcripts
• Copies of financial statement
• Postgraduate requirements
• An online application form is completed
• A recognised bachelor’s degree
• Standard English requirement test
• Accept the offer
• Prepare your documents
• Apply for a visa
• Travel to Malaysia

Studying in Malaysia varies by the programme you desire to study. All requirements are to be put in place before applying for an admission. For all international student, make sure you put your student pass before proceeding to apply for a visa. All application should be done online and all requirements should be put in place 2 months before admission commences.

There are different expectations in the minds of applicants. Some of the reasons for choosing to school in Malaysia are numerous and amongst them are listed below.
• Low cost
• Multi lingual and multi-cultural community
• Good educational facilities as well as lecturers.
• Relationships with other nations
• Educational hub

Apart from the beauty, the country Malaysia is top choice for all those interested in studying here. The land of Malaysia is welcoming and they speak both Maley and English which makes it easy for English speaker to interact well. Malaysia university has all it takes to deliver the best education ranging from good accommodation, educational facilities, good lectures and a conducive atmosphere. Note; tuition and cost of living is however cheap and easy
Finally, it doesn’t matter what part of the continent and race you belong. Malaysia is an open ground for you to study.

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