The rainbow city we popularly know as south Africa is a great choice to study. The land is blessed and recorded by land area as the 25th largest country in the world. The country is located in the southernmost part of Africa. The country share boundaries with several nations. It is a country with different tradition, culture and dialect. The most common language spoken in the South Africa is English Language.

For all international and local student seeking for a perfect place to study, south Africa is top choice for you. The country called south Africa is strongly playing a leading role in the educational sector. In recent times, universities in south Africa are ranked world class. The government funds the educational system in the country which makes it suitable for both international or local aspirants and students. The country has a large land mark the makes accommodation quite easy and cost of living very considerable.

There are so many universities in south Africa that offer good education to choose from. South Africa has 23public universities in total. All universities are divided into 3 categories(11 traditional academic focus, 6 schools of technology,6comprehensive institution) and they all give world class educational satisfaction. Here are some universities in South Africa you can study at and get the you desired expectation.

This one of South Africa popular institution. The university of technology is a great choice for aspirants who love to study in cape town south Africa. The university was founded in 2015 after the merging of both the cape technikum, peninsula technikum and the university of west cape. It is the only and largest university of technology in the west cape province in South Africa. With a large number of student, the university has proven to have the capacity to accommodate a lot of student at the same time. The institution award various degrees ranging from the bachelor degrees, postgraduate and doctoral degrees. The university has five campuses across the south Africa

The university of cape town is one of the countries oldest university. The university was found in 1829 and was formally called South African college. The institution is located in cape town and it is recorded as one of the best institution in the country. The university offer various degrees in different academic fields. The official language spoken is English language. The university has a very large structure that is big to accommodate both local and international student. With research and past record, the university is a good choice for any aspirant who desires to stay in cape town south Africa.

This is a good recommendation for any one with a good interest for institutions in Pretoria. The university has different campuses in different location in south Africa. The university was established in 1908. it is one of the best universities in south Africa. The institution is the oldest and only veterinary school in the country. The university is known to give only standard education. Hence, the university has grown from what it used to be into a large and more accommodating institution that has the capacity to render good educational and housing capacity to students. The institution is divided into 9 faculty and a business school. The university awards good degrees to students.

Founded in 1916 and located in Alice, eastern South Africa. The institution has a good structure that accommodate a large number of students from different sphere of life. Note, the university is a public institution that awards different degrees in all academic field. The university is ranked as one of south Africans best institution. Apart from giving the best academic ally, the university provides non academic facilities such as accommodation.

The university of Johannesburg, south Africa is another standard university to study. The institution was found in 2005 and is located in Johannesburg. After the merging of rand Afrikaans university, technikum Witwatersrand and vista university, the university of Johannesburg was established. There are so many faculties in the institution. The university is large enough to accommodate a large number of student from within or internationally.
However, the list of institution above is a few among a large number of other institutions in South Africa. The country has both public and private institution. The country has proven to be a good place for aspirants both locally and internationally to study.

For international students, here are steps to help you apply for an admission in South Africa.
• Choose the institution and course
• Log into the institution’s website and get information
• Pay application fees so you can fill the online application.
• Attach your entire educational record
• Provisional copy of your country’s aptitude test or any other international exams taken.
• Any of TOEFL, GMAT, SAT, etc. should also be provided.
• Attach your personal and background information and health information
• Submit a proof of financial record to the institution website
Note; after all the requirements are meant and details well submitted then,
• Await the university’s responds. Note; when the university responds to your application, you are to reply back within the stipulated time provided by the institution. This is to show you accepted the admission
• The institution will provide a document that will help you apply for a visa. If that is done, quickly apply
Applications for any degree like the Masters and PhD degrees may be logged at any time during the year and candidate may commence registration at any registration periods of the year e.g. January, April, July and September. Therefore, all applicants are advised to check the schools portal or website for more information.
South Africa is one African country to experience beauty and get the best of education at the same time. The cost of living in South Africa is less expensive for its students both locals and international students. south Africa has amazing recreational places for your weekend and well as so many historical designs and achievements you will like to know about to spice up learning. South Africa is an attractive country. Hence, choose today to study in South Africa and add to your knowledge by learning about South Africans as well as culture. The country is welcoming to people coming from different face of the world and it has the capacity to house a large number of international students. Choose South Africa today and make the best choice.


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