Top 10 of the most dangerous scientists in word history

Top 10 of the most dangerous scientists in word history

6. Shiro Ishii
The Japanese military and microbiologist Shiro Ishii (1892-1959) was responsible for the biological warfare unit of the Japanese army, and basically had the power to make the prisoners of war as he pleased. Most of his research aimed to infect countless prisoners of war to study the effect of all kinds of diseases and weapons.
Among the horrors perpetrated by Ishii was the dissection of pregnant women previously fertilized by their equipment, the testing of grenades and flamethrowers on human prisoners, or the elimination and relocation of human limbs in different parts to those that corresponded. This military man was surprisingly acquitted of his crimes by the American Occupation Authorities, and he died at his home at 67 years of age.

7. Johann Conrad Dippel
It didn’t go too well for the German alchemist and doctor Johann Conrad Dippel (1673-1734) when one learns that he was born in Frankenstein Castle. In fact, some say that this scientist was the model that Mary Shelley ended up taking for his novel Frankenstein. Although this theory has been very controversial and discussed.
The truth is that this doctor used his knowledge to create an animal made of bones, blood and other animal products known as empyreumatic oil or Dippel oil that was the equivalent of the “elixir of life” of other scientists. The objective, as the chronicles tell us, was to try to transfer the soul from one body to another. Curiously, the discovery of this animal oil ended up producing a blue dye in the tissues that eventually became known as Prussian blue, something that made Dippel and a partner to found a factory in Paris at the beginning of the 18th century.

8. Joseph Mengele
He is probably the best known of the mad scientists. Joseph Mengele (1911-1979), ” the angel of death ” ( todesengel in German), was a doctor who worked as an officer of the German SS during World War II. Their experiments were carried out in the concentration camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Among the experiments with them were amputations of lips, or inoculations with typhus and other diseases that then passed to the brothers through transfusions to study the evolution of diseases.
Most of the operations that Mengele performed were done without anesthesia – for example, removing parts of the stomach or the heart of the prisoners. There was no scientific motivation for these experiments, and some of the survivors claimed that he was only making use of the power that the Reich had granted him. Mengele was part of the team that selected the prisoners and decided who lived and who ended up in the gas chambers. Mengele managed to flee to Argentina in 1949, and avoided being arrested to end up drowned while swimming on a Brazilian beach in 1979. He never paid for his horrors.

9. Vladimir Demikhov
The Russian surgeon Vladimir Demikhov (1916-1998) was a pioneer in the transplantation of organs, but especially in transplants without apparent real scientific motivation, like the two-headed dogs through which he would pass to that obscure part of the history of science.
There are videos of several of Demikhov’s cruelest and most horrific experiments, among which was the one that showed how he managed to transplant the head of a puppy to an adult dog, thus creating ” a grotesque creature with two heads”, as they told the journalists of the Daily Mail in 1954.

10. Andrew Ure
As with Aldini, Andrew Ure (1778-1857) was convinced that electricity was the key to reanimating human bodies. Despite serving in the military as a surgeon and carving out a great reputation as an industrial chemist, astronomer, and geologist, he went down in history for other, much more debatable, achievements.
Ure performed experiments on that supply of electricity to the dead human body. For example, he used the lifeless body of an executed murderer and to whom blood was supplied, connecting several points of electricity and electrifying it until it contorted to the horror of the audience that observed these demonstrations.

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