Nigeria has greatly developed in area of education. However, a large numbers of universities are established in the country yearly. With present educational growth, Nigeria can boast of over 100 private and public universities. There are so many private universities in Nigeria but top on the list are:

The covenant university is one of the top best universities in Nigeria. The university was established on the 12th February 2002 at located at KM 10 Idiroko Road, Ota, Ogun state. The university’s chancellor is Dr. David O. Oyedipo. who is also the founder of the living faith chapel worldwide. The private institution has proven beyond standard to be a good place to study. The institution is current among the leading universities in Nigeria.

Redeemer’s University is also one of Nigeria’s top private institution. The school is located some where in Ede, Osun State. The institution was formally located in Mowe, Ogun state. The redeemer’s university is established by the redeemer Christian church of God (rccg). The institution has remarkable made history over the years. The have some of Nigeria’s too professors and a standard academic environment for learning.

Igbenedion University Okada is another world recognised institution. It is the oldest private institution established by a Nigeria political personnel named Gabriel osawaru Igbenedion. The university is located in Edo state. Record has it to be the first university to produce doctors and lawyers. Apart from the luxurious buildings and facilities, the institution has a strong academic stand.

Babcock University is the another leading private university in Nigeria. It is located in Ilisan Remo, Ogun state. Babcock University stand out in the pattern of management. The school has established a good standard of learning for all students.

This is another top ranked institution in Nigeria. The institution is a private federal university located in Iwo Osun state. Bowen is known as the largest private school in Nigeria. In recent time, the university brags as one of the best schools in Nigeria because of the academic standard, accommodation and more. The school has good and standard facilities to enhance learning.

The university is a private university of technology and it is located at Ota, Ogun State. Apart from the conducive learning structure, the institution has is less than 10years made good academic record. It is widely known for its technical ways of carrying out good learning activities. The institution is also make a lead in the academic sector.


Joseph Ayo Babalola University is located in Ikeji- Arakeji, Osun State. The institution was founded in 2004 by the Christ apostolic church worldwide. The institution were known to first trend the entrepreneurship study. The university is the third ranking university in Nigeria. However, the institution only start academic section fully in 2006.

The institution is located in Oyo state. I is named after the late Anglican church bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther. As one of Nigeria’s oldest private school, it has improved in all ramification. It has the NUC accreditation licence and awards different degrees in different field. The institution is well structured to help learning easy.

The institution is also another leading institution. The university is located in Ado- Ekiti, Ekiti State and has a good record which includes being the first institution to resume lectures at permanent site. The university is known for being an entrepreneurship centres for students. Which means the institution put so much effort into impacting entrepreneurial skills into students.

Caritas University is located in Amorji-Nike, Enugu. The institution was approved in December 16,2004 by the Federal Government. The university is another catholic institution designed to promote and revive the Catholic religion or tradition.
The Universities listed are a few number. There are other universities that are currently making good record and producing top graduate holding different positions in the society. The goal of every institution is to impact and help achieve dreams by teaching. Therefore, these private institutions are not left out.

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