Has choosing a “vacation” country/spot been a problem or is the thought of where to go a problem?

There are over 100 countries with amazing scenery to spend a vacation. Some countries have amazing parks, resort beaches, waterfall, island, hills / mountain and many others.


Zermatt, Switzerland

Are you looking for a place to spend a vacation? Zermatt in Switzerland is the best place to be. The little town of Zermatt is popularly known to be a good spot for hiking, skiing, and climbing mountains. Therefore if you are a lover of these activities, Switzerland is the best spot. Because of the location of the city which is around the foothills of the Matterhorn spot in Switzerland, then it is easy to say that the city is surrounded by mountain which makes the country a sweet place to visit.


Paros, Greece

Greece is a good place to spend a vacation. Paros in Greece is top choice for lovers of island. Pero is a beautiful island that you sire won’t regret spending a vacation at. Greece is known to have beaches in every villages and cities.


Amalfi Coast, Italy

Italy is a sweet place to spend a vacation. If you are a lover of nature, then Italy is a perfect place to be. Some places in Italy you can spend a good vacation is Amalfi coast in Italy. The cost is a perfect definition of beauty, nature, and more. This is the best summer location you can imagine.



A vacation in Dubai won’t be a bad idea. A city located in the united Arab emirate is one nice place to spend a vacation. Apart from the country being pretty there is more interesting thing to do when you are out in the country on a vacation. There are amazing places to visit. Some of those places are Dubai mall, bur j Khalifa, palm Jumeirah, Palm Island, Dubai fountain, Dubai museum and more. A visit to Dubai will be fun.



Italy is a country located in Europe. The country is a good spot for an enjoyable vacation. If you are a lover of culture and history, Italy is a good place to visit. From Rome, Milan and many other countries, there are interesting things to do in Italy to spice up your vacation. Some places to visit are; pantheons, Colosseum and many more.


The California Coastal Trail

Are you a lover of cycling, hiking & skiing, California is a perfect place to spend a vacation. However if you are confused about the best location to choose, think no more because California is a solution to all your vacation need. There are numerous things to do in California apart from cycling and more. There are other site seeing activities to see and do.


Chang Mai, Thailand

A vacation in this country gives visitors a clear understanding of what the country feels like. Thailand is one of those amazing countries with cool vacation spot and activities to do. There are good places for food, nice places for playing soccer and many others. If you are a lover of elephants, you can visit the elephant nature park.


The island of Maui, USA

USA is a good vacation choice for all. The island of Maui is one of USA’s largest islands. The island is characterized by different climatic conditions wish can either be cold or uniformly hot. There are lots of things to do and places to visit in USA e.g. Hana bay, Naenae peninsula and more


Palawan Island, Philippines

When thinking of a cool vacation spot to travel to, Philippine might not come to your minds on a first thought but however the country is welcoming and a good vacation hub for all. The country has the largest island that is referred to as the most beautiful island. It is located in the Palawan province. There are so many places to visit in Palawan like calauit game reserve and more. The country has proven to have some of the world resort achievement you can ever imagine. El nido is referred to as the best diving spot for lovers of such games. An experience in Thailand is legendary and from the nature of the country, one can say this island is a Paradise.


Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil border

This water far located in Argentina/Brazil border is top notch in the history of tourism. The waterfall has drawn a large number of visitors from across and within the country. Iguazu water is the true definition of natural beauty. Waterfalls are usually nice things to see. For as that love Brazil, there are other activities worth trying to keep your vacation alive in here.


U.S. Virgin Island

The Virgin Islands is a combination of other island located in insular parts of United States. The islands are the integral part of the virgin island. Virgin Island is one amazing vacation spot for your honeymoon, holiday vacation, and many others. The island has a mixed climatic condition which is either wet or dry. However, there are other sport, fun, and enjoyable things to do in the United States. Such as; Virgin Island national packs trunk bay and more.


Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada is one of the best vacation locations to try. It has amazing places that can spice up your vacation trip. Banff and jasper national parks are good scenery location you would love. The country is a beautiful place to visit and there are so many activities/places to visit.

Apart from the countries listed above there are other countries to visit. Visiting any of these states will spice up your fun life and exposure.

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