Cheapest Cities to Live in Nigeria

Are you ready to settle or are you looking for an affordable city to live?

Choosing a good and cheap location/city is a good way to start. However, many Nigerians want good locations like Lagos and Abuja but because of the standard and cost of living, many Nigerians have changed their choices to other affordable places.

There are many cities to choose from in Nigeria. Note; while choosing a cheap city to settle, look out for one that can guarantee you safety, low cost and good political and social stability and sources of income. Most importantly somewhere you can earn and save.

Some affordable cities you can migrate to are;

  1. Ikot Ekpene

Ikot Ekpene is a city in Akwa ibom state. One common trade known in the city is raffia sales. The city is known as a good spot for business. The city is very affordable and cheap to live in. The cost of living (transport, feeding and bills) is relatively low.


  1. Aba

The city of Aba is another low cost and safe environment that anyone can settle in. The beautiful city of Aba is located in the eastern part (Abia state). The city is popularly known as a business resort for you. They commonly trade textile, cements, plastic, cosmetics and more. The cost of feeding, transport, and house rent is quite affordable and easy. The city is known nationally and internationally to have the biggest market. This makes it a good business hub for all business oriented minds. Included to the land is it good heritage that makes it stand out and attract people from across the world.


  1. Ibadan

Ibadan is a good city located in the western part of Nigeria. The city is popular all over the world. Ibadan is a good site for anyone interested in living in the west. Ibadan is one of oldest cities in Nigeria with good heritage and culture. It is known to be a good business hub for buying and selling. It is also a good spot for living at a low cost. For graduates, there are jobs and other channels to earn money in Ibadan. Cost of living and transportation in Ibadan is affordable and a good starting point for anyone.


  1. Asaba

This is one calm cheap city located in the delta state. The city of Asaba is known for being less expensive. Transportation, feeding and cost of renting is lower than what you can get in any other part of Nigeria. There are beautiful places and things to do in Asaba. Earning is not left out. You can go into any business or be employed into different companies. Asaba is a place to live your best life even with a low salary.


  1. Ilorin

Ilorin is another city for both the young and old. The city is peaceful, beautiful and blessed with a lot of historical achievements. However, the city of Ilorin is located in kwara state and it is one of those cities anybody can conveniently survive in because it has a low cost of living. The city has good attraction and facilities such as school, hospitals, and houses to accommodate a large number of people at a relatively low cost. The city is a good place to run a business without any risk. It is known to have companies that offer good jobs to graduates and a good market for business.


  1. Onitsha

Onitsha is located in Anambra state. It is close to Asaba and other eastern states. The city called Onitsha is popularly known to be a business city. However, the city is cheap and affordable. There are so many things you can engage yourself in to make a good living. Transportation, feeding and cost of renting a house is cheap and affordable for anyone interested in living in the Anambra.


  1. Ile Ife

This is another oldest city in Nigeria. The city is blessed with cultural and historical relics that draw the attention of people from different parts of the world. Apart from the history and resort available in Ife, it is also a very cheap and reliable place to live. The cost of feeding and housing is affordable for all including fresh graduate. It is a safe place to settle.


  1. Zaria

Zaria is a city located in the north. This city is a peaceful one to live in. It is not threatened by any form of insurgency or crime in any way. The city has attractive resort and achievements that has drawn great audience to visiting the city.  The big northern city is known to have Nigeria’s biggest and oldest university Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Cost of living is affordable for all including fresh graduates seeking for where to settle. Transportation, feeding, clothing and housing are very affordable.


  1. Ekpoma

If you have not visited the city of Ekpoma, count this as a reason to try it. Ekpoma is a city located in Edo state. The city is popularly making history on the internet especially in the area of education (Ambrose Alli University). However, cost of transportation is cheap. Feeding is also cheap as many of the indigenes are good farmers and have large plots of lands for farming. The city is cheap to live as housing is very cheap also. Being a business person will help your earn greatly and fast because there are no companies but there are large number of students willing to buy goods and services from you.


  1. Abeokuta

Abeokuta is cheap city located in the western part of Nigeria. It is Ogun state‘s capital And a good city to settle. Abeokuta is not too far from Lagos. Cost of transport, feeding, clothing and housing is cheap. The city is beautiful and easy to survive in unlike Lagos.

There are so many cities apart from the few listed above that a good options to migrate to. However, when thinking of where to settle, the cost of living; housing, feeding, transport, clothing and health should be properly considered alongside with what you earn. Do not seek to leave in a place beyond your financial capacity because the purpose of working can’t be achieved if you don’t have a savings. To choose wisely will mean to go for a place you can spend less and save more.

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