5 Important Scientific Discoveries That Happened by Accident and Changed the World

5 Important Scientific Discoveries That Happened by Accident and Changed the World

The human being is an incredible model of creation capable of the most fantastic and absurd feats. Many discoveries were only possible thanks to man. Most of them in good attempts, others have come from the wrong experiments. We have compiled for you a shortlist of important scientific discoveries that happened by accident and changed the world.
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1. Viagra
The famous “blue medicine that raises to the dead”, as it became popularly known, came from an accidental experience. Researchers were studying and testing lots of a specific remedy for chest pain due to low oxygen, called the UK-92480. It was the famous angina, a very common precursor to heart attacks that hit the blood vessels supplying the heart. The drug was expected to relax the blood vessels, but it all failed.
The drug revealed an effect below the waist of its male patients. Further research has shown that the new drug suppressed the production of an enzyme that fights erections, resulting in the famous blue pill. However one of the side effects of the medication is the cause of possible attacks or acceleration of the heartbeat.

2. Sweetener
The world’s first artificial sweetener arose from a chemical accident. And the most bizarre thing is that it was from the neglect of hand hygiene. Russian chemist Constantin Fahlburg spent the day creating coal tar reactions with phosphorus, ammonia and other chemicals. When he got home, he forgot to wash his hands and realized they were sweet. From this mixture in the hands came the sweetener which you all eat.

3. Tires
The tires came from an accidental mixup by Charles Goodyear. In the year 1839, he accidentally dropped a mixture of rubber, sulfur and lead into a very hot stove. Initially, this mix of substances began to harden and he realized that it was quite usable. He noticed a more durable looking rubber resistant to cold and heat. Then came this model for various applications, including the tires themselves.

4. Velcro
Velcro came about through an occurrence on a dog’s skin. A Swiss electrical engineer named George de Mestral watched as seeds of Xanthium, the famous ticks, stick easily to his dog’s skin. Curious about this principle where the hooks of these ticks stuck to things, he tried to create models in cotton and nylon version.
The word velcro comes from the combination of velvet and crochet. The velcro was later launched in 1959 at a fashion event in New York. But it only had its value recognized when NASA incorporated the novelty into its astronaut uniforms.

5. Matchsticks
The matchsticks came up in a rather funny way. English pharmacist John Walker discovered the object by stirring a jar of chemicals. Inside was a mixture of antinomian sulfide and potassium chlorate substances. He then noticed the formation of dried lumps at the end of his mix.
Wanting to remove the lumps that were formed, he decided to rub the end of the stick on a surface and, curiously, a flame arises. And from that nuisance with a ball that formed, he discovered the first matchstick for humanity.

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