The city of “Asaba” is located in delta state Nigeria. A small city with all you can ever love to do or see. The city is blessed. As we likely know, delta state is a land of flowing wealth/ riches. It is one of Nigeria richest states because of the mineral resources called petroleum. The South south state has a large land area and asaba is occupying a particular area in delta state. The city is relatively affordable, and easy. Survival in Delta state is easier in Asaba than in any other part of the state. However there are so many things to do in asaba. There is a shopping mall, stadium and many more but to spicy up fun in asaba, the hotels are inclusively amazing. Asaba has some of the biggest, finest, classic/modern hotels in the state. Some of these hotels are;



This is one of Asaba’s biggest hotels. The well constructed hotel is a very cool spot to spend a vacation, meeting, reception, dinner and more. Rodinia hotel is top on the ranking. This standard hotel has all the necessities to make your vacation experience amazing.

The hotel has facilities that will thrill your vacation. Some of these facilities include; well furnished room with free wifi, a fitness section, well arranged dinning sections where varieties of dishes are made and delivered to customers. The hotel has a fine, wide and clean outside pool and bar where variety of drinks are available. Above all the parking area in the hotel is large enough to accommodate a lot of cars. Rodinia hotel has made great popularity over the years in delta state and in close states. It is quite affordable and workers are customer friendly. Added to this is that the hotel has several branches of eatery outside the hotel. One of the eatery is located inside Shoprite, asaba while the other at summit junction.



Elomaz hotel is a 4 star hotel located in asaba. The hotel is beautiful, well structured and decorated to fit your perfect definition of satisfaction. Some customers review states that the hotel is the biggest, luxurious and standard hotel which is highly true.  Best western plus elomaz hotel asaba has basic facilities that suit your desire destination for a holiday/vacation. Some of these facilities are; outside pool/ bar, well furnished room with air conditional, free wifi, a choice water heater, wide bathroom and bedroom and restaurants. Other facilities are fitness facilities, spa / room services, meeting halls and many more. The hotel is located in a perfect location where visiting other part of asaba is easy and close.



GQ hotel has 20 furnished rooms. There is no way you can have a list of best hotels in asaba without mentioning GQ suites. This hotel is a well organized hotel with good/ welcoming services that makes staying even more comfortable. Apart from have well furnished rooms, the hotel has

a good parking area, good security, dinner room, restaurants and bar, pool and more. Your experience in this hotel is one to never forget. The hotel offer every customer breakfast daily. Choose here for a good vacation experience.



This is a 4star hotel. The hotel consists of 25 rooms and Rooms in crimson suites hotel varies. There are cheaper options and presidential options to choose from. The 4star hotel also prides itself with facilities that are uniquely relevant in its growth and such facilities are; restaurants/bar, pool, well furnished rooms, good halls for meetings, conferences, seminars, reception and more. Security is highly reliable to and customer services/ availability are top notch. Crimson is a good place to spend a vacation and to have a health conference section.



Located at NTA road, Asaba, the 4 star hotel is another top hotel in asaba. Located in one of the best parts of asaba makes visitation to other places easy and fast. The hotel has well furnished luxurious rooms. However the price for rooms varies by categories. Added to the hotel is a fine, well organized even center for conferences, meetings, and others. The paintings and arrangement of the hotel is creatively artistic. With more to say about the 4 star hotel, is it has furnished rooms, restaurants, bar, pool and many more facilities which makes it a good place to enjoy a fantastic vacation

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