Lagos is one of the biggest cities in Nigeria. Lagos state being the centre of excellence has made it one of the most populous cities in Nigeria.

There are so many things to do in Lagos apart from living & working (earning), Lagos is a sweet place to be in. There are countless numbers of restaurants you and your family can visit in lag.  As a state that is highly developed, it has several international and local restaurants you can visit to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some of this cool spots are;

Bourbon house café

The bourbon house cafe is an international eatery that has just launched a new branch in Lagos. The cafe is known for having the best cafe along side with variety of other option of food.


However, Bourbon house cafe has been in existence in Ghana for a long time now and with the fast rate at which it is growing, the management have decided to share the standard quality of cafe and more with Nigeria. Currently the target of Bourbon house cafe is to have its branch in different parts of Nigeria. This cafe is classic, modern and exceptional all together. It is located at Adeola, Hopewell Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Shiro, Lagos

Shiro is located at water cooperation road, near landmark, Victoria Island, Lagos. The restaurant is a top standard restaurant that offer spicy and variety of food to customers. It is a best place to have a taste of some Asian food like Japanese food. This restaurant has a bar, well decorated dinning, and good customer relationship.

Added to the features are free Wi-Fi, live band of music, pos to make withdraw easy and accessible, and many more. It is a cool place to enjoy a decent nightlife or a romantic outing.



If you want to spice up your day or week, RSVP Restaurant is the place to try.

With a lot to tell about the restaurant, it is a true definition of an American modern restaurant with a good view to it. The restaurant has several features that make it a very good spot for a single outing, family outing and more.

Some of these features are; pos, outdoor sitting, well decorated dinning, variety of spicy dishes and cocktails, and more. Customer relationship is quite recommendable. Generally, RSVP Restaurant is a good recommendation for anyone.



This eatery is highly popular in Lagos. It has grown into a large pizza spot and it is located in various places in lag more. Dominos is another good recommendation for anyone to visit. It has a large menu of variety of food such us, chicken and chips, pizza of different flavour, sizes and prices, drinks, desert and more. Dominos has other facilities that make it the best place for a family outing, single outing, and group outing. Some of those facilities are: good parking area, good inner space to accommodate a large number of people, pos to make payment easy and fast & good customer service.


This is another highly recommended restaurant / eatery available at almost every part of Lagos. The international eatery has been functioning for quite a long time now and can boost of being one of the best choice for anyone.

With variety of food on the menu, affordable prices, and good customer relationship, KFC is a standard place to visit. However, you can order food, drink, and snacks from KFC online or directly from any of the branches available to you. Currently, KFC & DOMINOS current have the widest range of services in Nigeria because they are available at different part of Nigeria and do not restrict customers with price (it is price friendly).

However, apart from the list of restaurants above, there are many other eatery/restaurants available in Lagos. These restaurants offer a wide range of delicacy ranging from African dishes, to intercontinental dishes. However, some of these restaurants are expensive but the complimenting part of it is that the standard, services and menu of food available there is worth the price while some are relatively good and affordable at the same time. Basically, there are so many option to choose where to spend your evening (dinner), afternoon (lunch), morning (breakfast) and weekend. You desire determines the cost. Enjoy every single bit of fun. Live your best.

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