One of the best channels of entertainment and cultural preservation is through a museum. Sometimes changing activity from going to a well furnished and stand bar, hotel, restaurants, cinema and more to a visit to a museum is way unique, educative, and entertaining. Museums are the only means of preserving history. There are so many museums in Nigeria. Each museum has unique structures and history saved in it. Below is a list of some museums in Nigeria you should visit.


The Nigeria national museum is located in Onikan, Lagos and was found in 1957. It opens by 6:00 am and closes by 6:00 pm daily. The museum is a store room for historical sculptures, arts, archaeological and ethnographic graphics.



Like we rightly know that Jos is one great spot for an excursion because it has a zoo, and many other. The city of Jos also has a museum found in 1952 and located close to the zoo. Jos museum has good view of historical/ cultural arts, structures and more. It is a good part to visit and have a different experience.



This museum is located in Umuahia and was found in 1985. Some of the historical relics that you can find in this museum are Ojukwu bunker, Enugu coal miner riot, Aba women riot, Ogbunigwe (local bomb) and other cultural relics. The museums open daily by 10:00am and closes 6:00pm daily. Note: there is a small sum of money to be paid as entrance fees.



The national museum, Benin is one of the oldest museums in Nigeria. The museum   is located at kings square, Benin City, Edo state. The museum was established in 1973 and since then has been a great hub for preserving historical integrity, achievements, sculpture, arts and many others. The Benin museum is one of the biggest in Nigeria. Some of the things you can find in Benin are terracotta, “Bini” bronze and many more.

A visit to the museum is another fun thing to do in Edo state. When thinking of things to get yourself occupied with in Edo state, then the museum won’t be a bad option. There are so many traditional items, structures, graphics and more to spice you view. Above all a museum is one of the places you can understand the real tradition and culture of a place.



The national museum is a good place for visitors from all part of the world. The museum is another very old one in Nigeria. The museum is a good vacation spot or excursion spot. There are so many artifacts, terracotta, traditional arts and many more. The museum is located at Kaduna near emir zazzau’s palace

There are so many other museums in Nigeria that are not mentioned above but are also filled with traditional sculptures, laws, signatures, historical happenings and many more. Apart from just the fun of visiting a museum, there are academic/ educational values to learn from going to a museum.

This is why many schools loves to take students out on excursion to build the mindset of students to understand history and the story line behind the finding of Nigeria came about. They also get a chance to learn about the mistakes of several historical heads, heroic deeds, historical sculpture to signify when an event happened and more. For instance, the Oniru museum has the car of Muritala Muhammad and the blood stains when he was shot. So many other museums have their own items and historical achievements/ samples that they have documented.

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