GONORRHEA OVERVIEW: Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment


“Gonorrhea” is an associate degree of infection caused by a bacteria and it is sexually transmitted from one partner to the other. However, it is almost very difficult to know you have a gonorrhea infection at the early stage. This means infected persons can live with this bacterial infection for a long time.

Babies can also contact the bacteria if their mother is infected. And one of the visible ways to know a baby has the virus is in the eyes. There is the whitish discharge from the eyes. This infection is however not life threatening but it may lead to infertility.


Gonorrhea symptoms are highly unpredictable. Patient with this infection sometimes don’t know they have gonorrhea and other times, they misunderstand the symptoms they have for a normal toilet (pelvic inflammatory infection). For the record, gonorrhea has no precise symptoms. However in some cases, patient may experience one or two irregular body balance. Some of these symptoms vary among partners. For a female you may experience the following;

  • Pain/ burning feeling while urinating
  • Yellowish abnormal discharge
  • Bleeding between periods

And for a male, you may also experience the following symptoms;

  • Yellowish / whitish or greenish discharges from penis
  • Swelling of the testicles
  • Burning/ irritating painful feeling while urinating.

Sometimes, gonorrhea may also affect the anus. For partners that love anal sex, it is possible for one to contact gonorrhea also. And some of the symptoms to know you have gonorrhea in your anus is;

  • Pain while using the toilet
  • Itching in your anus
  • Irritating discharge from the anus

Other symptoms may occur in the eyes, rectum, throat and joints. Gonorrhea may affect any of these parts and cause severe discomfort to patients. However, if patient may have any other symptoms, it will be in the throat. Patient having gonorrhea may experience minor or severe sore throat.

If you observe your partner having any of these symptoms, it is advised you both see a doctor because the chances of you also being infected is high especially if you both have unprotected sex.



If gonorrhea is not properly treated, it may damage some parts of the body system or spread to other parts of the body. Some of the results of having gonorrhea infection are ;

Infertility in woman/man: untreated gonorrhea infection may result in infertility in both men and women. This means, untreated gonorrhea may affect the uterus, fallopian tube in women and the epididymis in men resulting into infertility.

Infection from joint may spread to other parts of the body; the gonorrhea infection in you joint may however spread to other parts of the body causing skin reactions like rashes, joint pain, and stiffness e.t.c.

Increase the risk of HIV: having these sexual infection increases the chances of contacting HIV very fast. The bacterial infection weakens your body system and makes it vulnerable for other diseases like HIV/AIDS.

Complications in babies: infected babies may lose their sight or have sores on their scalp and infection.


Some of the factors are;

  • Sex with multiple partner
  • Been diagnosed of other forms of sexually transmitted infection
  • Age
  • Having cases of gonorrhea in the past


  • Always have protected sex using condoms.
  • Don’t have sex with some with irregular symptoms
  • Always stay at alert with body screening
  • Invite your partner for a test
  • Prevention from sex is the overall best solution

If you have had this infection, simply take your partner along with your for proper treatment. After treatment is concluded, abstain from sex for a certain period of time to be very sure the infection is properly treated. Stay free and safe always. Your life and health should be of great priority to you.

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