8 Foods Rich in Trans Fat you Should Avoid

8 Foods Rich in Trans Fat you Should Avoid

The truth is trans fat is present in many delicious things! However, it is very bad for our health. Learn how to avoid it and check out tips to replace that junk with healthier food.

In addition to increasing the risk of stroke and stroke, trans fat raises the bad cholesterol, lowers good cholesterol, brings more abdominal obesity, along with a higher risk of developing diabetes. This can predispose one to atherosclerosis, which is the formation of plaques that cause clogging of the arteries of the heart and brain. Therefore it is very important to be aware of these foods so you don’t consume them.
In many countries, health surveillance agencies require all manufacturers to indicate on the label the amount of trans fat present in food. On the other hand, some ministries of health in countries such as Switzerland and Denmark are also trying to stop the use of this fat.
It is often used to flavor foods, while preserving the durability and consistency of the food. The truth is that our bodies are not designed to eat trans fat. There seems to be an inability of the body to eliminate it and it will be deposited in the body. And there is no food that, when ingested, fights trans or minimizes its effects on the body; so it is best to stay well away from this villain.

Here are trans-fat-rich foods you should steer clear of.

1. Fried foods in restaurants
This includes chicken, potato, drumstick, etc. Normally, food is fried in restaurants with hydrogenated oils. That is, if you beat that desire for frying, make it at home with vegetable oil or canola oil. There are also commercially available cookwares that fries with the heat of the air without any drop of oil.

2. Margarine
Although margarine is considered a healthy alternative to high-cholesterol butter, it contains trans fat to preserve the solid form of the product. Replace this with a fruit jam. It is delicious and you can vary it from strawberry, apricot, to orange.

3. Ready-made Desserts
Canister cake, canister pudding, everything sweet – and canister – contains trans fat. Look for a gluten-free packaging or prefer a home-made version for your dessert.

4. Microwave Popcorn
Microwave popcorn has trans fat to make it tastier. Same thing as ready-made desserts: look for a healthier product or prefer the homemade version of popcorn.

5. Frozen Food
Not all are trans, but most also have the fat to give the food more flavor. Look carefully at the label and make a healthier choice.

6. Snacks
Even baked options and those with zero trans fat contain a large amount of saturated fat that is also harmful to health. To replace them, how about slicing vegetables (potatoes, yams, carrots, and manioc) and baking at home? It is delicious!

7. Ice Cream
Unfortunately, they also have trans fat. Sad, isn’t it? It is it which gives the soft texture of this delight. If you want to get away from it, how about a homemade recipe? Try a wonderful chocolate ice cream with crispy nuts. Hmmmn!!

8. Noodles
Hydrogenated oils may also be hidden in instant noodle packages. Therefore, trans fat is saturated in them. Also, they have a lot of salt. Be cautious!

Note: Some packages may indicate “0 grams of trans fat”. However, if the food contains less than 0.5 grams per serving, you may still go for it. If you would like to be sure of the presence of trans fat, check the ingredients for hydrogenated oil.

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