Music has grown over the years. In so many ways different artist are making hits and being productively rich, so are the gospel musicians. There are so many popular gospel celebrity that are currently on the list of the richest gospel singers. Some of them are listed below;

1. Yolanda Adams

Yolanda Adams was born in August 27 1961 in Houston. Her net worth is  $5 million

She has the ability to compose hits that will leave you singing always. Attached to her history is her popular debut titled “Becoming and Be Still”. Both tracks have brought her popularity to the world. Yolanda Adams is one very talented gospel artist, actress and a record producer in America. Adams and Tim Crawford had one daughter called Taylor Adams. She was born in 2001. Her songs includes; The Battle Is the Lord’s, Open My Heart, I’m Gonna Be Ready, Fragile Heart and Be Blessed. Yolanda Adams is indeed a talented singer.


2.Michael W. Smith

Michael W. Smith net worth is  $4 million. Michael Smith’s parents are Paul and Barbara Smith. He was born in Ken-ova. Michael Smith is a wonderful and talented Gospel artistes. He has a specially gifted ability of playing piano. Michael Smith’s got married to Deborah and has five kids.


3.Donnie McClurkin

Donnie McClurkin net worth is estimated to be  $5 million. Donnie McClurkin is a Gospel singer. His nice voice contributed to one of the reasons why he is loved by a lot of people all over the world. His hit tunes include Holy, Holy, Holy and Awesome God. Donnie McClurkin also does a fine job at ministering.


  1. Cece Winans

Cece Winans net worth is estimated to be  $7 million. Cece Winans is a Gospel singer. Her fans enjoy her songs. Most of her fans enjoy her songs because of her wonderful voice.


5.William David McDowell

Williams David McDowell net worth is estimated to  $2 million. Williams David McDowell start his music career in 2009. Some of his hit songs are “As we worship”, “arise”, and “withholding nothing”. Williams David McDowell is a Gospel singer. He is one of those musicians that has millions of fans.


6.Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin net worth is estimated to be $8.5 million. Kirk is also a choir director and a Gospel singer. He has composed a lot of songs over the years and he is still working on more. Some of his songs are; Lean on me, My life is in your hands, Now behold the lamb. Kirk was born on January 26 1970.


7.Erica and Tina Campbell

Erica and Tina Campbell net worth are estimated to  $10 million each.

The Mary Mary sisters who are so blessed they married husbands who bear the same name. Warren Campbell (Erica) and Teddy Campbell (Tina) are in no way related.


8.Marvin Sapp

Marvin Sapp is a Gospel singer and a songwriter. Marvin Sapp net worth is estimated to  $3 million. His hit includes Perfect Peace. Marvin Louis Sapp was born on January 28th, 1967.

Marvin Sapp is an American gospel singer.


9.Dorinda Clark Cole

The Clark sisters who is from a prominent gospel singing family raised a twist to gospel music with songs with an up-tempo beat. Dorinda Clark Cole is estimated to be worth $7 million.


10.Tamela Mann

Tamela Mann net worth is estimated to be  $3 million. Tamela Mann is a Gospel singer. Tamela Mann was born on June 9 1966. Tamela Mann is also an actress who also has several television shows and album sales.

The musicians listed above are some of the top richest in the world. Every of these celebrities have become role models to the world at large. However there are so many others not listed. All these people have given the world a different perspective about gospel music.

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