8 Exotic Animals Allowed as Pets Worldwide

8 Exotic Animals Allowed as Pets Worldwide

Many families have a pet to brighten the house even more. Thus, it is common to see people with dogs, cats, fish and even different animals such as rabbit and hamster. However, there are those who like exotic animals. So today, we will show eight species that can be raised as pets. If you are a person looking for one of these species, then be sure to follow the list below.
Exotic animals bred in as pets worldwide

1- Gerbil
The Gerbil looks like a hamster, however, it is considered a type of squirrel. Thus it has a thinner coat and a hairy tail. This species has nocturnal habits, so it is important not to keep this animal raised indoors, especially in the bedroom, as they usually torment their owners’ sleep. For those people who are attached to rodents, Gerbil is an animal that fits the place and can be bred without any problem. In addition, the market value is low and easily acquired.

2- Chinchilla
Speaking of rodents, a very docile and silent species is the Chinchilla. Its name came from an indigenous tribe named Chinchas, located where the mammal was first found, in the Andes in the 16th century. Later, they began to be marketed in various regions. There are many breeders in the country, making the buying process fast.

3- Teiú
For those who like exotic animals with a more distinctive look, Teiú is a great option. It is a species of lizard, however, it may not adapt easily to humans when they are not raised from an early age. When they get used to the environment and people, they become docile and peaceful. They are good company and love eggs, so they usually invade chicken coops.

4- Amazonian boa constrictor or red boa constrictor
Most people have a real panic about snakes. The fear is usually so great that they do not usually see this animal or in captivity. However, oddly enough, there are those who not only love snakes but usually raise them inside their own home. This is the case of the red boa. This species has a very reserved and shy temperament. Usually, it is between logs, rocks, and bushes. To have this reptile, just make a registration, after that, the person will get the license to purchase the snake.

5- Marmoset of white fur
The white-skinned marmoset lives in abundance in the Atlantic Forest and is tranquil and playful. They usually live up to 10 years and like to be raised free, so, it is common to realize the presence of these animals on the streets, since few are in captivity.

6- Hedge
Hedge is a type of porcupine very common in Europe and the United States. Nevertheless, it is still a type of animal prohibited in some countries. However, because it is a calm animal and is easily bred as they feed on cat food, there are many people who raise them illegally. This practice can have serious consequences, since the person would be committing an environmental crime. Therefore, in places where marketing of a species is prohibited, the best solution is to look for animals that are legalized.

7- Fennec
Fennec, also known as Fennec fox, is a species of fox, being the smallest of extant canids. It can measure up to 50 centimeters and weigh 1.5 kg. This fox originates from Sahaara and feeds on cat food, dog food, and fruits. In nature, they usually follow a diet based on insects and plants. It is a playful and fun animal.

8- Sugar Gliders
This curious flying squirrel is very common in the United States, Europe, and Australia. They are very easy to obtain animals. They are usually friendly and docile, and can recognize their owner and even their name. The most interesting thing is that they give intense rasping in the air, gliding gracefully.

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