Big brother Nigeria is a reality show that welcomes Nigerians to an opportunity of making money and achieving dreams. So far, four seasons of the show has been conducted including this 2019 pepper dem gang episode. The show is said to be one of the most entertaining and full of twist. Nigerians and many part of Africa spend time glued to watching the show on television, some on the social media platform and more.

However, many Nigerians desire to participate in the show but they are unaware of the social requirements that qualify one to be a contestant for the show. Here are the requirements to becoming a contestant for the show.

  • A VALID INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT: every candidate must come with a valid international passport. Years back, the show was hosted in South Africa but in 2019, it became Lagos. Regardless of this, the organisers have made a passport a clear qualification to be into the show.
  • AGE: every contestant must be above 21 years to participate in the reality show. The show is strictly adult licenced and because of this, the show will not welcome candidates between the teenage ages.

The list above is the requirements for of the audition. However, to increase your chances of getting into the house simply follow the following rules:

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  • Be confident: Being bold and confident is a qualification that brings you out or makes you unique. Confidence and arrogance are two striking characters. Be confident and bold.
  • Be yourself: it’s best that you be yourself and totally accept the being that you are. Nobody is perfect and in this regard avoid any form of fake life. Right form the audition ground, be real.
  • Be honest: Honesty is a vital thing to know. Every candidates or contestant should say the truth of their origin, work, wealth and many more.
  • Show off your talent: everybody is unique when it comes to talent, therefore be careful to show off talent during the audition and even in the show.
  • Show off skill: show off your skill during audition as this will guarantee you or increase your chances of getting a spot in the show.
  • Sell your uniqueness; make the auditors know why you should be given a chance. Show the unique quality you have that makes your existence in the house interesting. ..
  • Be polite: in all you do, be as polite as possible. Have a polite way of talking and addressing issues as this will give you a great spot and increase your chances of getting into the house.
  • Have a business strategy: watching the previous shows, contestant will observe that having a business strategy determines your role play in the house. Some have given views the idea of what kind of business they can go into if they win the huge sum of money.

The above list is a summary of experiences of ex house mates and their contribution on how to prepare for an audition. To get a great chance and a better chance of getting into the house, you must be willing to follow the rules above.



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