Nigerian cross dresser denies his HIV status

Nigerian Cross dresser, James brown who came into limelight with the viral video known as ‘they didn’t caught me’, has gone on social media to deny claims of being HIV positive.

James brown, who became known to many Nigerians after the Nigerian police arrested and paraded him alongside others on suspicion of being gay.

The cross dresser was very outspoken while he was interviewed by media houses present during the ordeal.

He persistently asked if he was caught doing anything illegal, adding that ‘they didn’t caught me’

At the time of his arrest, James brown claimed he was HIV positive.

He became a media sensation and also regained his freedom after the video of him went viral.

In a post he has since deleted on his instagram page, James brown came out to say he was not HIV positive that he only lied to save himself and now the lie is haunting him.


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