Triller is a social platform created for users to create and share their personalized music videos, dance skit, comedy skit, and lip-syncing videos. The app is popularly used all over the world by music artists, comedians, and even social media influencers. The app is easy to use, and here are a few steps to create your fantastic music video. First, download the triller app on your phone’s App Store. If you are using an android phone, download the app from your Google play store, and if you are using IOS, download the app from the Apple AppStore.


When you open the triller app, the first thing you will see is the signup/ login page. Here you are required to username and other details. The username will be the name that will appear in the videos you will create with the app. alternatively, to make the signup easier, you can sign up through Facebook, Instagram, twitter, phone number, or email address.


After you sign up, the next page will reflect. Here you are required to click on the + sign icon at the bottom of the screen, and two options will be displayed. You choose from the options which you want to create (music video/ vlog). If you click on the music video, it takes you to a different page to pick your selected song. You can choose a trendy song from triller music or pick a song from my music, which is your music library.

Once you have selected a song, you set the song duration and the part of the song you would like to use for your video. The song duration is 2- 30 seconds, and then you click on the film icon.


After you have chosen your preferred song style for the video, you proceed by clicking the film icon at the top of your screen to start recording your video.

If you want to edit a previous video, there is a picture icon at the left bottom of the screen; it allows you to select the pictures or videos you like to edit from your gallery. Once you are done recording your video or edit your previous video, click the finish icon at the top of your screen.


When you are done with your video, click on the finish icon at the top of your screen, and it will take you to the video upload page. Here you can write a description of your video, choose a category for the video from the category list, then click on the post & save icon at the top-right side of your screen. You directly save it to your phone gallery, and you can also share it on other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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